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personal training

Personalized Training System

Choosing your trainer at 43°North means choosing a fitness mentor, coach, motivator, and friend. What sets us apart is a customized, personal approach to wellness that is motivating, NOT intimidating. Using proven techniques and innovations, you can expect to work toward your goals in a safe and sustainable way with a trainer whose professional success is found in your personal success.

Your fitness journey begins with a one-on-one session with your trainer who will review your health history, discuss your goals, and set realistic yet challenging short and long-term benchmarks for you. Once this session is complete, your “fitness compass” will be set along with goals pertaining to nutrition, strength, and cardio objectives.


Performance Training

Performance or “sport-specific” training is a way of simulating a movement or exercise in the weight room with the intention of improving performance in the sport of your choice. The training is customized to include exercises that improve each participants specific sport.


  • Functional Movement Testing
  • Core Preparation
  • Plyometrics
  • Acceleration & True Speed
  • Movement Efficiency
  • Strength & Power Development
  • Recovery